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We order, stock and sell "only" left-handed guitars. Hundreds of lefty guitars in stock.


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  • Gretsch G5622T-FSRJL-CMBL left-handed guitar Gretsch G5622T-FSRJL-CMBL left-handed guitar
    Original design by Jerry’s Lefty Guitars.
    Jerry’s Lefty Guitars exclusive run of left hand Gretsch G5622T-FSRJL-CMBL. First ever striped semi-hollow from Gretsch. First Competition Blue Gretsch. Like the G5622T-CB Surf Green, this is a limited run.
    List: $1899  Map: $1299
    $200 deposit holds one for August delivery.
  • Teye Coyote left-handed guitar
    Exclusive run of left hand Teye Coyote guitars in 5 different colors. $2700 to $2800 depending on color.