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Eastman ACTG2-OV Acoustic No.913

sale guitar for lefthanders new Eastman ACTG2-OV No.913 Close-up View
Eastman ACTG2-OV Acoustic No.913 Front View
astman ACTG2-OV No.913 Back View
astman ACTG2-OV No.913 Side View
sastman ACTG2-OV No.913 Case View

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Manufacturer: Eastman

Model: ACTG2-OV

Instrument: Acoustic new left handed guitar No.913.

Condition: New

Additional Features with Comments from Jerry: Eastman's wonderful little travel guitar. 23 1/2" scale, all solid wood, with electronics. Perfect for the couch, the campfire, the travel adventure.

Case: Eastman Padded Gig Bag included in price.